Introducing the Enhanced Performance System

Hello, EUC Community, 

Thank you for making Clark Pads part of your EUC adventure.  It's always exciting to hear about how Clark Pads has enriched your ride.  Growing with you and the EUC riding community is an absolute privilege.  There's nothing like the thrill of catching your first few feet of riding, hopping a curb, rippin' a trail run, or cruising with a group.  It is fun to be part of this evolving sport and our goal is to continually grow and innovate our products to take your ride to the next level.  

Our latest creation is the Clark Pedal.  Besides looking great, when combined with the Gen 2 Universal or Monster Pro pads, the Pedal-pad blend provides what we like to call the Enhanced Performance System (EPS).  This quick video provides a nice perspective about the Enhanced Performance System (EPS)

Looking forward to their debut and your riding stories in the next few weeks.

Thanks to InFLICKted Media for hooking us up with the amazing photos and video.

Stay Safe,

Christopher Clark



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