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Begode T4 - Bumper & Fairing System

Begode T4 - Bumper & Fairing System

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From Clark Pads, the Begode T4 Bumper & Fairing enhances protection of your Begode T4 EUC wheel.  The front bumper also serves as a front kickstand.  The rugged 3D-printed system provides great protection for your Begode T4 wheel. 

Choose your fairing color from the dropdown options.  The default bumper color is black.  

The fairing side includes velcro to mount power pads.

If you previously purchased this system and would like to add the seat you can do so here

If you are looking for the Begode T4 - Complete Bumper, Seat, & Fairing system, you can get more information here.  

The CPX-3D Pads shown in the product description image are NOT included with this product purchase.   

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