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Clark Pads Titan Pads

Clark Pads Titan Pads

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Clark Pads Titan builds on the best features of the CPX-3D, adding a new foam formula that's stronger, softer, and has more grip.  Like the CPX-3D, the Titan offers a deep fit on your foot and leg.  The grippy foam construction improves comfort while riding, without sacrificing control.  The Titan is 15% larger than the CPX-3D.  The Titan pads offer flexible mounting options.  Pads can be used as a one-piece power pad, or you can cut and customize pads to your liking.  The Titan offers all this at our lowest price ever.  Pads have a flat surface area between the accelerator and brake section of the pads.   

The CPX-3D pads include pre-applied Velcro for mounting.  Four strips of 4" X 12" mounting strips are also included.  


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