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Begode ET-Max FREE $100 ClarkPads Gift Card!

Begode ET-Max FREE $100 ClarkPads Gift Card!

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NEW ARRIVAL - FREE $100 ClarkPads Gift Card!

Clarkpads is proud to now offer the flagship Begode ET Max!

The ET Max is the most advanced and fastest electric unicycle available on the market! This particular wheel boasts 3000Wh of Samsung 50S Cells with a SMART BMS allowing for individual cell monitoring. These cells power a 4500w high torque tile motor. Enjoy a smooth riding experience with 130mm of travel dampened by a highly tuneable shock. This wheel weighs an impressive 108 pounds as it is a huge step up in build quality.

Note: For riders <250lbs, we recommend the 900lbs shock. For those wanting a stiffer experience or who weigh above 250, we recommend the 1300lbs shock.



By purchasing the wheel you understand that in order to provide the customer with the lowest price...
Warranty is based on the descression of Begode. (please see Begode’s warranty PDF)
+ This consist of communication directly with Begode and replacing faulty comonents where applicable.
+ For part replacement, installation will be the responsibility of the customer. Clarkpads can help with referrals to qualified repair sites if the customer is not comfortable performing the repair.
+ Shipping and repair fees would apply.
Historically, Begode has provided the replacement part along with reference to a video on how to complete the repair.
Please take saftey precautions and work carefully when completing repairs as these wheels consist of high voltage electrical components.

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