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Begode Master Clark Pads RACE System

Begode Master Clark Pads RACE System

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Rear Handle

NEW from Clarkpads - the Complete Race Bumper, Side Pannels, Rear Handle and Battery Bumpers Compatible with all Begode Masters V1 to V4!

Redesigned from the ground up, this new system was engineered to be as sleek and lightweight as possible. With a weight savings of over 1 pound over the prior... This new system provides protection for your master when racing and increased rigidity of the wheel.

The bumpers of the system are 3D printed while the side panels are machined and laser cut out of aluminum. The system uses the existing battery mounts to bolt onto the wheel. The unit will come pre-assembled with industrial strength velcro applied. Instalation of the system was designed to be fast and hassle free. The entire system can be put on in under 5 minutes.

*E-Works Pedals pictured NOT included with purchase.

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